Commissioned Art
By Donna Nadeau.
About the paintings:
The paintings are all watercolor and pencil. They are painted on arches 100% rag paper with permanent Windsor newton pigments.
The style is that of Dewitt Hardy, a renowned watercolorist in New England and my mentor for 30 years. It is very controlled, a difficult challenge when using the most unforgiving medium, watercolor. Corrections can only be made in the line drawing stage. Once the washes are laid in there can be no mistakes. This means no erasing, scraping, changing, adding or painting over anything (unlike acrylics and oil painting)
I can paint your home, buissness, favorite view or even do architectural renderings from blueprints for you.
About the pots:
All of my pots are wheel thrown and trimmed by hand. Each one is a   signed and  unique piece of  art .The stoneware is fired at 2400 degrees. All glazes are lead free and the pots are dishwasher safe.
 Raku is heated to around 1600 degrees.Red hot, it is pulled from the kiln and placed in wood chips that catch on fire before it is covered once or twice (depending on the reduction desired) before it is quenched with water.
I can throw and design whatever you like, from a saki cup to a wall lantern or funeral urn! You imagine it and together we'll create it! Pieces on the site are only ideas of shapes and colors for you to choose from.